CrossFit PPG – CrossFit

A: Athletes Choice (No Measure)

10 Minutes

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Work with a Partner to complete the chipper as an AMRAP in 24 Minutes, splitting reps evenly:

60 KB Swings (53/35)

48 1 Arm DB Farmer Carry

Box Step all the way UP


48 MB Power Cleans

(20/14/10) *Early

Pull and Muscle Clean is

not a rep and will not


48 CAL Row/48 CAL Air Bike

36 Ring Dips

36 1 Arm DB OHS (50/35/20)

*Bent arm/inactive

shoulder and no depth is

not a rep, scale


36 HSPU (1 wall Walks= 4

HSPU, 15 Second Wall

Hold =6 HSPU)

60 M Shuttle Run EACH (3

20m down and back


C: Plank (1)

1 Max Plank Hold