CrossFit PPG – CrossFit


A: Warm-up Option (No Measure)

Use this time to follow a coach led warmup or athletes choice.


B: Front Squat (3-3-2-2-1-1)

Find todays 1RM

Custom Metcon

C: Metcon (Time)

Complete the following for time:

15 Front Squats (155/105 lb)

9 Toes to Bar

9 Box Jump Overs (24/20 in)

18 Front Squats (115/85 lb)

12 Toes to Bar

12 Box Jump Overs

21 Front Squats (95/65 lb)

15 Toes to Bar

15 Box Jump Overs

***Athletes may use only 1 barbell and must change out the loading with no assistance

***Each side of the barbell (can be one at a time) must be stripped clean before loading next weight.